the first virtual reality swimming system
The first virtual reality
swimming system

VRDIVER - the first underwater

virtual reality swimming system

VRDiver will instantly transform your pool into a fantastic aquatic realm with totally no bounds for swimming and fun. Exciting immersive experiences for kids and adults will make you and your guests forget about actual space and time. Renewable experiences, fitness and training features, multiplayer games will make VR-divers return again and again.

This affordable, easy to install and future-proof asset will make your pool shine and stay apart from others.
What is VRDiver?
VRDiver is a system that consists of 3 equally important components:

  • virtual reality headset which can be used underwater. At the same time, it is comfortable, safe and a great fit as a mask for snorkeling,
  • locomotion system working correctly underwater,
  • renewable VR-expirience.
Thanks to our patented system you can really swim with sharks (dolphins, giant squids, ...) and not just passively observe them.

We realized it successfully and made it convenient and absolutely safe.

6 degrees of freedom
We managed to implement the world's first and currently the only full-fledged 6DoF virtual reality under water VRDiver. Now you can not only look around but also move wherever you want - you can reach any point in the virtual space.

Technology is patented.
Swimming pool requirements
We recommend a pool of 4m diameter and 1.2m depth for adults.
Thus, in a large pool you can organize several stations for virtual snorkeling. Meanwhile, the system can be installed / uninstalled in the pool in only 5 minutes.
Luxury and safety entertainment for water park guests.
Swimming Pools
More effective and exiting training for swimming pool visitors.
Hydrorehabilitation and hydrotherapy become more fun when they turn into an exciting game, not only for children but also for adults.
WOW-effect for your guests!

Replace a dull limited environment of the pool with a fantastic virtual world of unlimited swimming and forget about your own limitations!

Turn your pool into a boundless ocean!

VRDiver Team
Alexey Lysenko

CTO, Inventor, engineer &Master of Math.,Software developer

Engineering freelance10 years experience

Eugenia Panasova

PM, PhD in linguistics, Project manager

Serial entrepreneur, Head of educational ITprogramUnIT-Ural

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