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Increase Your pool's Profitability with Unique VR Diving Attraction

Virtual Reality Diving Kit will instantly transform your pool into a fantastic aquatic realm with totally no bounds for swimming and fun. Exciting immersive experiences for kids and adults will make you and your guests forget about actual space and time. Renewable experiences, fitness and training features, multiplayer games will make VR-divers return again and again.

This affordable, easy to install and future-proof asset will make your pool shine and stay apart from others.

Choose Your VR Diving Kit

We offer VR Snokeling version for entertainment and fitness and VR Diving system for full immersion and simulation

VR Snorkeling

Comfort and safe swimming with innovative full-face VR snorkeling mask. Can be installed in almost any pool in no time. Great for training, fun and rehabilitation
We recommend a pool of 4m diameter and 1.2m depth for adults.

VR Diving

Full immersion simulation with diving breathing equipment is great for luxury entertainment and professional simulation. It will require a pool of at least 2.5m depth.


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